Traveling Through Time with Postal History and Postage Stamps

Checking for mail

Ever wondered why stamps were invented?

Watch this short animated video created by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. It is a great introduction to postal history, which by definition “tells you the story of how mail has been handled, who has handled it, and why.”

The history of postage stamps goes way back in time….

Postal history is a another example of how you can specialize your stamp collection to a particular subject inside the realm of  philately.

As mentioned on their website,, postal history topics can be categorized to:

- Censorship mail

- Disaster mail

- Mail routes

- Maritime mail

- Military mail and field post

- Pre-adhesive mail

- Postage due mail

- Postal services development

- Postal rates

- Postmarks

- Postal markings

- POW and internee mail

- Air Mail and first flights

- Inland waterway mail

- Railway mail

- Travelling Post Offices

- Registered mail

- Automation of the mails

- Forwarding agents markings

- Official mail

- Free Frank mail

- and more..

Is your mind brainstorming some topical stamp collecting ideas?  :-)

Happy collecting!

Your Topical Stamp Collecting Queen ;-)


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