Discovering Topical Stamp Collecting

Hello and Welcome!

If you are passionate about stamp collecting and more specifically about topical stamp collecting you’re in for much fun.

I’m by no means a pro-philatelist but do enjoy collecting worldwide postage stamps relating to specific topics and take pleasure in writing articles about topical stamp collecting and sharing stamp discoveries and philatelic adventures.

Philatelic background

Let me introduce myself briefly; my name is Janice Dugas and I’ve been collecting stamps since I was 12 year old. Grown up, I was lucky enough to hang out with friends who were stamp collectors also.

While we were all working at a full time job, my friends and I decided to start a mail order business to experience how we could serve other stamp collectors with stamps on approvals requests. At first, it took us almost all our weekly evenings and week-ends to fill in the requested approvals, but with time, we learned to implement systems, and it went much better and faster!

A couple of years later, to gain more visibility and acquire new customers, we launched an online store catering to worldwide topical stamp collectors. It led us to participate, as booth holders, in the major philatelic stamp shows sponsored by the CSDA in the eastern part of Canada, APS and ATA in the United States.

We pursued with passion our online service to stamp collectors community until we sold the business in 2007 to a friend stamp dealer.

Coming back online

It is with great pleasure that I am coming back online to rekindle my love of the hobby and share with all topical stamp collectors worldwide. Very unique stamping activities are coming up, so stay tuned for an epic 2021 philatelic year together. topical stamp collecting mascotHappy stamping time!

janice_dugas_stamp_collectingJanice Dugas | Topical Stamp Collecting Trusted Advisor

Member of the American Topical Association (ATA DM48264)
Member of the American Philatelic Society (APS 163921) and CSDA

PS: Questions? Simply contact me! I’d be thrilled to help 🙂