Netherlands Guilders Silver Stamp on Cover! — 2 Comments

  1. I had the same problem but because I wanted to keep the box the stamps were fixed to for re-use and could not cut it up or soak the whole thing for hours I used a hot air gun and the tape just curled up and disappeared into a pile of goo off the end of the stamps. That got rid of the plastic from the sticky tape but it left a residual stickiness on the surface of the stamps. A light rub with Eucalyptus oil cleaned that off and then I just soaked the stamps off with a wet sponge as I would if there hadn’t been any tape.No damage to the stamps and they didn’t soften and become tear prone because of the long soak.

    Once the tape starts to heat up the whole thing happens very quickly so it would be a good idea to start well away from the stamps or practice on another bit before hitting the stamps with hot air.

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