Birds Stamps on Cover from Singapore

Inside my “snail” mailbox today, was this beautiful envelope from Singapore, bearing stamps from the 2007 flora and fauna definitive issue.  Many thanks to the sender for taking time to affix these gorgeous stamps, avoiding by the same token, the use of postage meter labels.

The Stork-billed Kingfisher, the Yellow-rumped Flycatcher and the Crimson Sunbird stamps are so colorful!


Birds Singapore Cover

Singapore Cover with Birds stamps from the 2007 Definitive issue


These stamps are part of the Flora and Fauna definitive stamps issued in 2007, consisting of 14 denominations ranging from 5 cents to $10.

Singapore Flora and Fauna Definitive Stamps Set 2007

Singapore Flora and Fauna Definitive Stamps Set 2007


When going to the post office to mail out letters and packages, do not hesitate to ask for beautiful commemorative stamps. In the beginning, they might not be too keen about your request, because it calls for some more “advanced” keying on the cash register program, especially if it is a package being shipped international, but they will finally figure it out, ;-) and subsequently enjoy, as much as yourself,  the time taken to carefully choose the stamps for your mailings.

If the person you are sending the letter to is a stamp collector, try to avoid self-adhesive stamps, as it is cumbersome to remove self-adhesives stamps from envelopes.

Furthermore, once the stamps are affixed onto the envelopes, ask for a manual cancellation.  Why? Because you want your local post office city location to display on the cover.  Otherwise, the envelopes will go through mechanical cancellation devices and will only show the country of origin.

Think of the pleasure that the recipient will have when receiving your letter beautifully stamped! :-)

Happy collecting.

Talk soon.



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