Factors behind the rising prices of collectibles such as Rare Stamps

In a recent article on ThinkAdvisor‘s website, Keith Heddle, global head of investment with Stanley Gibbons, talks about several forces supporting the demand for rare stamps, at least for the foreseeable future.

Keith-Heddle-Stanley-Gibbons” (…) The first—no surprise here—is demand from wealthy Chinese collectors and investors. Speaking simplistically, he says, many of them have accumulated sufficient “bling” assets and are seeking something “a bit more considered and less flashy.”

One reason for this cohort’s interest in stamps was Chairman Mao’s ban on stamp collecting as bourgeois and the resulting pent-up demand. “Since the late-‘70s, early- ‘80s, the Chinese have come back to stamp collecting with a vengeance,” he says.

The price performance of stamps varies at different times among the different national markets, which can create pockets of opportunity for investors willing to shop globally.

In India, Heddle says the market is booming. However, since the country has closed its borders to stamps going in or out, access to investment-grade stamps is very limited.

The European market is flat, he says, as are segments of the U.S. market. The market in Great Britain has slowed to single-digit growth.

When it comes to rising prices, rarity is the driving force, and consequently the market for rare Chinese stamps is very strong.(…)

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‘London-based coin and stamp dealers Stanley Gibbons, which provides data for the GB250 index, says this index has never had a negative year and had a compound annual growth rate of 11.9% over the last 12 years.

british-guiana-one-cent-black-on-magentaThe GB30 Rarities Index, which tracks prices of 30 of the most rate and highest-valued U.K. stamps, has had a compound annual growth rate of roughly 10% for the past 40 years.

A visitor looks at the British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta stamp at Sotheby's in London

A visitor looks at the British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta stamp at Sotheby’s in London- June 2014

A stamp described as the world’s rarest—the British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta—sold for $9.5 million recently. That price eclipsed the previous record of $2.2 million set in 1996 for a different stamp, though it fell below Sotheby’s pre-auction estimate of $10 million to $20 million.

Whenever a collectible sets a new price record, it’s natural to ask if that asset class has moved into bubble territory. And while that’s possible, experts say, several factors argue against such a conclusion for today’s stamp market.

(…) First, the British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta is unique. Its appearance on the market was compared to seeing da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” be put up for sale. Thus, its latest sale price isn’t fully indicative of the broader stamp market’s performance.

Second, the broad market price indexes for collectible stamps don’t look bubbly.

The Linn’s U.S. Stamp Market Index, based primarily on fine and very fine stamps tracked by Linn’s Stamp News, was down 1% from April 2013 to April 2014. (…)’

Source: thinkadvisor.com

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First Ass to Appear on a Canadian Stamp…


canadian stamps musical bands rush

Canada Post just launched their fourth issue in ongoing series of postage stamps celebrating Canadian musical talent with a set of four stamps depicting legendary bands:  The Tragically Hip, Rush, The Guess Who and Beau Dommage.

Probably not the issue for which I would vote “best of the year” but something very interesting did trigger my attention in this set of stamps that woud fit just lovely inside a music on stamps topical stamp collection!

For people who know me, there is no secret that I LOVE first things, aka #1’s . First of this..first of that…etc. Don’t ask me why, it just caches my fancy ;-)

So, when I stumbled upon the article featured on CityBeat.com, (see excerpt below) I could absolutely not let pass this opportunity of adding another #1 on my stamp collecting and philatelic #1’s list. And before I tell you what it is, gotta say that I also hit the jackpot with this one stamp issue because it contains not one, but two ‘#1’s !!

Wanna know what they are?

Here goes:

- >First Canadian stamps to feature bands rather than individual performers

- > First Canadian stamps to show a naked ass


Rush - Canadian Postage Stamps

The stamp features the iconic “Starman” logo, inspired by the cover of the 1976 album, “2112.”

In 2011, the U.S. Postal Service announced that they would finally allow living people to be portrayed on U.S. postage stamps, reversing a long-standing rule.

A blatant marketing move, the USPS still hasn’t delivered the first such stamp.

But in Canada, they’ll put almost anyone on their stamps. Gordon Lightfoot, Michael J. Fox and Bobby Orr have all had non-posthumous Canadian stamps in their honor and now new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Rush join their company. Sort of.

The new Rush stamp (released alongside ones honoring The Guess Who, The Tragically Hip and Beau Dommage) features the band’s name and the “star man” logo — a naked man (from behind) in front of a satanic-looking star in a circle. It’s the first ass to appear on a Canadian stamp (…Read more)….

Source: citybeat.com

The Canadian Recording Artist collection, which began in 2007 , has previously focused on individual artists including Paul Anka, Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray and Gordon Lightfoot, Bryan Adams, Acadian singer Edith Butler, Robert Charlebois and Stompin’ Tom Connors, band guitarist Robbie Robertson, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Ginette Reno et Bruce Cockburn.

The Canadian Recording Artists stamp series along with First day covers and set of Postcards can be purchased from Canada Post retail outlets and online via CanadaPost.ca.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Wishing you many stamping hours this week.

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France Rugby Silver Stamp Commemorates Rugby World Cup Editions

France Football Argent 2011 Rugby Silver Stamp

France Timbre Argent Rugby | July 11,2011 | Rugby Silver Stamp

Great news for Gold & Silver topical stamp collectors!

To commemorate the 7th Edition of the Rugby World Cup, France issued on July 11, 2011 a beautiful silver stamp made of 0.999 silver and housed in a protective capsule to help resist tarnishing.

Valid for postage, the stamp has a nominal value of 5 euros, which is quite high.

In 2007, France hosted the Rugby World Cup and therefore issued a series of stamps devoted to Rugby in April, June and September 2007. You can view these commemorative stamps and more rugby stamps on the Rugby on Stamps website.

In 2010, the FIFA World Cup was commemorated on a France silver stamp of equal nominal value. (see photo below)


France Timbre Football En Argent 2010 Football Silver Stamp

It’s interesting to know that the first ever silver stamp issued by France was in 2005, depicting the Marianne. Symbol of the French Republic, the Marianne figures on many of the definitive stamps of the country.


France Marianne - Silver Stamp - 2005 - Timbre Argent

It is unlikely to find the above silver stamps on envelopes that travelled through postal services….but I do keep my eyes open for it.


Following the publication of this article, I received through the mail an envelope bearing the silver stamp: absolutely magnificient! Don’t you agree? Many thanks to our loyal reader whose kindness and creativity produced such a beautiful philatelic work of art. Background depicts  a sunset over New Zealand city landmarks. Top left corner shows the Rugby World Cup and underneath, a listing of all participating countries with country flags.

Rugby France 2011 Silver Stamp On Cover

Rugby France 2011 Silver Stamp on Private Cover | Design by Jean-Claude Leducq


If by any chance, you have an envelope postmarked with the above silver stamps, housed in your stamp collection, you are kindly invited to email us a photo (support AT secretstostampcollecting.com). We will gladly publish it here to share the good news with all our readers!


World Cup Rugby 2007 DVD

World Cup Rugby 2007 DVD's

“PARIS, 13 October – Jonny Wilkinson was yet again the hero as England emerged victorious in their world cup semi final versus host France, sending the defending champions to their second consecutive final. While Wilkinson’s goal-kicking was far from perfect, the England fly half came through when it mattered most, providing a drop goal on 78 minutes to seal the victory. Relive this exciting match again and again in this official Rugby World Cup DVD.”

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