Did You Forget That Canada Is A Maritime Nation?

With ten of its twelve provinces touching salt water, Canada has the longest coastline of all worldwide nations with borders on three major oceans: Artic, Atlantic and Pacific.

Map of Canada

Map of Canada - 12 provinces

In remembrance and commemoration of 100 years of service of the Canadian Navy (1910-2010), Canada Post issued in May 2010, two commemorative stamps depicting the legacy of the men and women of Canada’s naval forces.

Canadian Navy Stamp Launch 1910-2010

Frontpage - Canadian Stamp News Magazine - www.canadianstampnews.ca

Chief Petty Officer Second Class Cheryl Bush is the woman portrayed on the commemorative stamps. She is seen here, on the front page of the Canadian Stamp News magazine, signing covers at the launch event last May 3rd, hosted by the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.


Canadian Navy Centenary 1910-2010 Stamps

Inside the list of facts timeline on the Canadian Naval Centennial webpage, it is said that women were forced to leave the Canadian Naval service when they got married until the late 1960s, and when they got pregnant until the mid-1970s… !!

The Canadian Navy has come a long way since these days…just check out the awesome video to see what it is like being a woman in today’s Navy! (click on the image below to access the video page)


Woman In Navy Source: www.navy.com Click on this image to get to the video page.

…. Challenging. Exciting. Rewarding. But above all, it’s incredibly empowering. That’s because the responsibilities are significant. The respect is well-earned. The lifestyle is liberating. And the chance to push limits personally and professionally is an equal opportunity for women and men alike.   Source: www.navy.com

Canadian Navy Booklet Stamps

Canadian Navy Booklet of 10 Self Adhesive Stamps

” A stamp tells a story and will create a public awareness of the role that the Canadian Navy has played both in war and in peace over the past 100 years. These stamps will be visible reminders that the country is served by men and women of the naval service who safeguard Canada and her values”

Vice-Admiral Dean McFadden, Chief of the Maritime Staff

Source: Details, April-June 2010 Volume XIX No2

The Canadian Navy stamp issue will enhance any ships on stamps or woman on stamps topical stamp collection and for those of you passionate about collecting watercraft on stamps, there is a great website called “Ships On Stamps Unit”  dedicated to the study of stamps and related items of our maritime heritage. Hop over and begin sailing the seas with postage stamps.


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2 comments to Canadian Navy Centenary Reminds Us That Canada Is A Maritime Nation

  • CP02 Bush


    Just saw your web site and noticed I was on your front page.

    I would love to get a copy for my colletion..It truly is a honour to have been selected to be on the 100th anniversary stamp for the Canadian Navy.

    Please let me know what I need to do to get a copy.

    Cheryl Bush
    Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class
    Canadian Navy

    • JD

      Congratulations Mrs Bush for being the chosen person to figure on the commemorative stamps featuring the wonderful work and mission of the Canadian Navy. Back Issues can be obtained by contacting the Canadian Stamp News office at 1-905-646-7744 or 1-800-408-0352 ( Ask for Nancy). Keeping my finger cross that there are still some copies available! Best regards. Janice

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