Canada Post Stamp Program for 2011 Reveals Great Subjects For Topical Stamp Collectors — 1 Comment

  1. the stamps are great, i have been collecting off and on since i was 12, i’m not in my 40’s, although i do collect other countries, canada remains me favourite….

    i’ll tell you a case in point, they are vibrant, colourful, and tell so much of our history.

    in 82, i believe it was, there was a rose stamp that was issued..when i look at it, it seems to jump off the page, and at the same time they issued a rose stamp from the US, i visited a post office when i was seeing relatives at the time, and got it, in comparison, the US one seems so blah, nothing to it at all, over the years their stamps have gotten a bit beter, a bit more colour and character to them, but, in comparison to our stamps, there is no comparison, to me Canada’s is right up there with the world best, and why we don’t get more recognition, i have no clue.


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