Want to Invest in Rare Postage Stamps?

Then you need to read Paul Fraser’s article about investing in rare postage stamps – and how you can beat stocks with a stamp investment!

Investing in rare postage stamps

A guide to investing in rare postage stamps – and how you can beat stocks with a stamp investment

Investment-grade stamps – those rarest, most valuable examples – have put the stock markets to shame in the past decade, posting double digit annual returns.

And the world’s sharpest investment minds are taking note.

Business moguls Warren Buffet and Bill Gross are both major investors in the sector. Gross recently sold part of his Great Britain postage stamp collection for $10.5m – up 22.75% pa on his original $2.5m purchase price seven years earlier.

Reasons to invest

Historical returns: Stamps have been a respected asset with investors for decades and have continued to perform well during the recession, much better than the stock markets. As tangible assets they excel during times of high inflation.

Liquidity: There are an estimated 50m serious stamp collectors globally, and the finest rare stamps are always in demand. Rare stamps have worldwide recognition and global tradability.

Low volatility: Prices are underpinned by the sector’s large and passionate collector base – collectible stamps are a $10bn pa global market. In addition, hundreds of books and price guides exist. This extensive data increases the level of comfort for investors. There are no nasty surprises.

Limited supply: With only a finite supply of investment-grade stamps available, prices can only rise as demand increases.

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Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles

As mentioned in more details in the rest of the article, changing demographics, growing economies and growing demand from baby boomers’ generation to invest their disposable wealth are other factors that makes stamp collecting an increasingly “aspirational” investment.

Put your stamp investor cap on and enjoy the read.

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