Topical Stamp Collecting is Fun!

As I was reading Topical Time, the bi-monthly magazine of the American Topical Association, I said to myself that I should share this great resource and beautiful magazine in “SecretsToStampCollecting” newly born blog.


My First Stamp Album - 1952 - Minkus Co

Well, here it is…and it is the first post too! :-)

When I first started collecting postage stamps in my youthful days, nothing would have led me to think that this fun activity would become a life long rewarding hobby to cherish with passion!

I have fond memories of those days when I was sitting outside at the backyard picnic table, on a sunny and non windy day with my stamp album, some hinges, a magnifying glass and envelopes of used worldwide stamps.

What great pleasure it was to discover the people, the flowers, the architecture, the animals, the musical instruments and so many other lively facts depicted on the postage stamps of far away countries, as well as on my own Canadian native land stamps.

I’ve learned a lot about the world we live in through my stamp collecting hobby and still do today!

Topical Time is my favourite resource when it comes to topical stamp collecting. Since I signed up for the membership, it is always with great joy that I pick up my copy inside the mailbox.

Topical Time ATA magazine

American Topical Association - Journal of Thematic Philately

Congratulations to the ATA Officers and Board of Directors for making it happen, for more than 60 years now, and  to all the authors for such great quality articles, jam packed with stamp collecting ideas, tips, advice, techniques, resources and so much interesting and informative content.

Through the articles, regular features and topical areas, the sum of knowledge delivered in each of the Topical Time issues are priceless.

As an example, just take a look at the January-February 2010 contents:

Topical Time ATA Journal Thematic Philately

Topical Time - journal of Thematic Phialtely - Table of Contents

Feel like being part of the largest topical stamp organization of the world?  Just log on to the ATA website to start or pursue your stamp quest journey and see all the benefits of being part of this great community of worldwide stamp collectors.

Happy collecting!

Talk soon,


Your Stamp Collecting Queen ;-)

PS: Topical stamp collecting is fun and relaxing.  Click here to watch video =>and learn more about the Secrets to Stamp Collecting.

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