Gretna Green Topical Postmarks on First Day Covers

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After reading Iain’s such informative article “Married at Gretna Green!“, I simply could not resist to google away in search of philatelic collectibles about this very unique romantic little town!


Gretna Green Topical Postmark 2001

Results from the Web were fascinating and I’m excited to feature some examples below:

Great-Britain-2001-First Issue Of Occasions stamps
Great-Britain, First Issue of Occasions stamps, Set of 5 , 2001

On BFDC ‘s website (an acronym for Bradbury First Day Covers), long time UK established company catering to First Day Covers stamp collectors, I discovered that it was a Gretna Green topical postmark that tied Britain’s first ever ” Occasions” stamps issue.

Wow.. a “Première” . ;-)

Gretna Green Postmarks 2001 Bradbury FDC
Gretna Green Topical Postmark ties Britain’s First Ever Occasions Stamp Issue

You might be wondering what is a “First Day Cover” (FDC)…. A First Day Cover is a cover franked with a postage stamp or stamps, postmarked and sent through the post on the first day they were officially authorised for use.

On the cover pictured above, the date of the postmark is 6 February 2001 which is the official date of issue for the set of five stamps commemorating various occasions or greetings: Thanks, Teddy baby, Cheers, Welcome and Love.

During my research, I found a variety of postmarks created for the little town of Gretna Green and they romantically adorn some very colorful First Day Covers:



Great Britain's Occasions Stamps Tied with Gretna Green Topical Postmark

Gretna Green Postmarks 2002 Bradbury FDC

Great Britain's Occasions Stamps FDC - Gretna Green Topical Postmark


Great Britain's Occasions Stamps FDC - Gretna Green Topical Postmark

GB- Gretna-Green-Postmarks-1981-Bradbury-FDC-St-Valentines day

Great Britain -Gretna Green Postmarks -1981 Bradbury FDC for St-Valentines Day


Great Britain, Gretna Green Postmark on a Benham First Day Cover with Teddy Bear cachet

I find these subjects are great ideas for a topical stamp collection created around stamps depicting Greetings, Occasions, Hearts, Love & Romance, or St-Valentine’s day.

You already collect postage stamps by subjects? Leave a comment below and share with us your favorite topics.

Talk soon.