Life of Beatrix Potter Stamp Collection – Guernsey Alderney 2013


As you now, I always delight writing about literature and stories depicted on postage stamps, and this turn around, it is with outmost joy that I will feature the series of stamps issued by the Guernsey/Alderney Postal Administration on the life of Beatrix Potter with such beautiful illustrations.



ALDERNEY – The Life of Beatrix Potter

Stamps Descriptions

40p-> Beatrix Potter walking in the countryside nearby her hometown ‘Near Sawrey’.
53p ->Beatrix Potter feeding a duck; the scene is framed by the beautiful hills of the lake district in the background.
55p ->Beatrix kneeling on the ground to pull up onions
63p ->Beatrix Potter would often gather things to draw and include in her stories.The dog in the image is based on her springer spaniel called ‘Spot’.
71p ->Beatrix Potter is pictured drawing a cat on a basket in reference to the Peter Rabbit story.
79p ->Beatrix Potter enjoying a stroll through an idyllic farm.

“My favorite stamp in the set is the 55p stamp, showing the mouse in the onion patch with Beatrix kneeling on the ground pulling up onions. I love the low down perspective – peering through the vegetable patch – and the fact that the background fades to nothing leaving the imagination to fill in the gaps.


We thoroughly enjoyed illustrating all of the stamps but I think this is the best of the set.”

Jay Aylmer, The Potting Shed


Life of Beatrix Potter – Souvenir sheet – Alderney Post Office – July 31,2013 || source:




Life of Beatrix Potter Topical Postmark – Guernsey-Alderney Postage Stamps – July 31, 2013 || Source:


Do you agree with me that postage stamps are truly art in miniature?  Simply gorgeous!

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The Story of Beatrix Potter by Great Britain BK158 MNH

Beatrix Potter was born on 28 July 1866 in Kensington, London, and showed an early interest in animals and the natural world, both of which are featured in her later children’s books. Her first book was The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published in 1902 with Frederick Warne & Co. She died in 1943 at the age of 77, having published more than twenty books. Many of them have been since adapted for Television and Theatre productions.



The article Scotland, a great source of inspiration for Beatrix Potter at joyfully take us on a journey into the marvelous book illustrations and lovely tales that we grew up with. It is a great travel back in time celebrating one of the best-loved children’s authors!


Character is like the tree; reputation its shadow – Abraham Lincoln


While listening to a radio talk show, I once heard the host repeat something I’d never heard before that Abraham Lincoln said.

Lincoln was speaking about character and reputation and the difference.

Lincoln said that character is like the tree; reputation its shadow.

Many of us have chased after reputation or while concerned about reputation, have forgotten to grow a really strong, beautiful, powerful, deeply-rooted tree.

Send your roots down deep.  Let the green growing edges of you come forth; Everything else will take care of itself.

Here’s To Your Character,

Mary Manin Morrissey


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Norway Royal Anniversaries Stamps: Crown Prince & Princess 40th



“Posten Norge has a long tradition of issuing stamps in connection with royal anniversaries,” Dag Mejdell, chief executive of the postal service, said in a press release. “It’s nice to be able to launch this series in connection with the crown prince and crown princess turning 40.”


Haakon turns 40 on July 20 and Mette-Marit on August 19. They each received a stamp of their own with a value of NOK 9.50 or A Innland (USD 1.58), good for a standard letter or postcard sent first-class within Norway.


On the two other stamps in the series released earlier this month is a photo of the crown couple with their children and a photo of Crown Prince Haakon with his father, King Harald V, and daughter, Princess Ingrid Alexandra. It illustrates the monarch and his line of succession.

The stamps were designed by stamp artist Enzo Finger based on photos of the crown couple by Sølve Sundsbø, of the family by NTB Scanpix photographer Erlend Aas and of the king and his heirs to the throne by Julia Marie Naglestad. The stamps were printed in the Netherlands with a press run of 2,595,000 each, according to the postal service.



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