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Upon reading your great article about the magnificient Prestonpans Tapestry: the Prince’s journey up to Glenfinnan… I wondered if postage stamps were issued to commemorate this milestone in Scottish history?

I surfed the web and .. by golly … found one! 🙂

It was issued in 1981 by the Royal Mail to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the National Trust for Scotland.

Scotland Glenfinnan postage stamp

Glenfinnan loch shiel MA

Glenfinnan Loch Shiel- Bonnie Prince Charlie Monument- Scotland ©2012 Scotiana

1981-National-Trust-First day-Cover

Official First Day Cover- June 24-1981-National Trust for Scotland- Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee of Scottish National Trust FDC 1981 commemorative card

Scottish Landmarks

Scots have preserved many of the landmarks of their long and colorful history and the Scottish landscape, thanks to the National Trust, reminds us of a bygone age as we travel the roads leading to various sites of such natural beauty.

The Glenfinnan National monument was presented to the National Trust in 1938, and this towering structure is a vivid reminder of Scotland’s fiery history.

Glenfinnan Monument Information panel

Erected eighteen miles west of Fort William, it is majestically situated at the head of Loch Shiel. The sixty-five foot tower, surmounted by the statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie, marks the spot where Prince Charles Edward Stuart first raised his standard in the Jacobite rebellion of 1745.

Known to his countrymen as Bonnie Prince Charles, he led his clansmen in victory over the English. The Glenfinnan Monument captures the spirit of the early Scottish patriots.

It was erected in 1815 by Alexander McDonald who wished to commemorate “the generous zeal, the undaunted bravery and the inviolable fidelity” of his forefathers.

Source: Wikipedia

Golden Jubilee of Scottish National Trust FDC 1981

Official First Day Cover- June 24-1981-Golden Jubilee of Scottish National Trust


glenfinnan monument scotland bonnie prince charlie

Glenfinnan- Loch Shiel- Bonnie Prince Charlie Monument- Scotland ©2012 Scotiana


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Prince Alfred: Founder of The Royal Philatelic Collection

Happy to share with you today a cross blog post that I wrote on‘s website which is a great site about “Everything Scotland”.

Photograph of King George V by W.& D Downey
Photograph of King George V by W.& D Downey


In fact Mairiuna, it was Prince Alfred, the second son of Queen Victoria ( later King George V ) that started the Royal Philatelic Collection.

His enthusiasm about stamp collecting was shared with his brother, the Prince of Wales ( later King Edward VII) who bought Prince Alfred’s collection just a few years before he died. In turn, he offered same to his son, the Duke of York, who had spent many hours with his uncle enjoying the hobby.

And from one generation to another, the Royal Philatelic Collection is now in the hands of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth.

By the way, did you know that Great Britain is the only country that does not print it’s name on postage stamps ?

Look carefully…the only way to identify a British stamp, is to find the Queen’s profile adorning one of the corners.

Great Britain - Kids set

Great Britain Stamps - Folk & Fairy Tales

As you share the same thematic approach to stamp collecting as I do, we both happily undertook a philatelic quest to find as many postage stamps and other philatelic document that relates to Scotland in any shape or form, and I have to tell you Mairiuna..I find it’s a very thrilling adventure !

Let’s turn another page of our “Scotiana on Stamps” album to view more stamps about Scottish philately.

The Cairngorms in Scotland on stamps


The Cairngorms… home to five of the six highest mountains in Scotland, all munros .

Quiz Time ! Can you name them ?

Who volunteers to take a guess?

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This one from Monaco commemorates Sir Athur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, famous fictional detective, who appears in four novels and fifty-six short stories all together.

Arthur Conan Doyle - 2009 - Sherlock Holmes - Scotland on Stamps

Arthur Conan Doyle - 2009 - Sherlock Holmes

Mairiuna, since we are in Edinburgh, would you like to walk down the avenue towards Picardy Place where the statue of Sherlock Holmes was erected close to the house where he was born?

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Scotland on Stamps: "The Vanguard" by Scottish Painter J.A. MacWhirter Adorns 1898 USA "Cattle In The Storm" Postage Stamp

Topical stamp collecting is such a thrilling and fascinating hobby! As an example, let me tell you what happened yesterday.

Being a topical stamp collector of many subjects, but primarily of  ‘Unicorns on Stamps’ and ‘Scotland on Stamps’, I performed  the indian “rain dance” ! following my view of the video (see below) taped during the AM Northwest TV Show hosted by Helen Raptis and Dave Anderson.


Read on…

The show was about stamp collecting and featured rare and valuable postage stamps and truly philatelic gems. When Alex Haimann from Mystic Stamp Co showcased the USA $1.00 “Western Cattle In The Storm” from the 1898 TransMississipi’s set of stamps and mentioned that it was one of the most beautiful USA stamp, I decided to google it and found out….

USA 1898 Cattle in a Storm Scott #292

=> that the scene depicted on the Trans-Mississippi’s $1 value originates from a painting of  John A. MacWhirter, a scottish painter!

I had stumbled upon a stamp that fits perfectly on my Scotland on Stamps topical collection checklist ! 🙂

Hum…the price is quite steep though, so I guess I will post it on my Amazon wish list and hope  for the best. (wink wink) 😉 or try to find a spacefiller ( a stamp in poor condition, to be kept until a better copy can be found at a better condition and price.)

Isn’t it cool? It surely is…..and stamp collecting is an hobby that can fullfill you with happiness, no matter which subjects you decide to collect, as topical stamp quests are nothing less than fun.

Here’s more information about the “scottish related” stamp:

“.. and (it) was reported to have been used in the west by a cattle company as a sort of trade mark. Prints had been made and sold, and it was one of these prints that had come to the attention of the Post Office Department and designer Smith.

MacWhirter, however, was a Scot, and his painting, entitled “The Vanguard,” was soon discovered to have been a depiction of Scottish cattle in a storm in Scotland.

It was actually painted in a small farmhouse near the Scottish highland town of Calendar. The scene did not depict an event west of the Mississippi, but it might have been, and few really cared about this detail, for cattle were an important part of the western U.S. economy, and the design was certainly pleasing enough.   Source: Chicago Stamps

Needless to say that there is much controversy about  the “Cattle In The Storm” stamp being considered the most attractive stamp of the USA.

Now…do watch the video below to discover which USA stamps fetches $3,000,000. on the philatelic market.

1.  USA 1918 Inverted Jenny – Plate Number Block of 4 (Scott #C3a)

Market value:  $3,000,000.

USA Inverted Jenny Stamp

USA Inverted Jenny Stamp - Scott #C3a Topic:EOF(Errors,Oddities,Freaks)

2.  USA 1898  $1.00 Cattle In The Storm – pane of 50 (Scott #292)

Mystic Stamp Catalogue value: $2,000 (Mint Never Hinged) – $ 875. (Used)

USA 1898 Cattle in a Storm Scott #292

USA 1898 Cattle in a Storm Scott #292 Topic: Scotland on Stamps

3. Cover carried along the Pony Express Route from San Francisco, California to St-Joseph, Missouri

Transcontinental Pony Express Route

Transcontinental Pony Express Route - Source:

By the way, I totally agree with Fred Baumann, Director of Public Relations for the American Philatelic Society (APS) about bringing in youth into the stamp collecting hobby, as they will, further down the road, re-connect with their hobby.

At the turn of the century, we were bootholders at many of the Canadian and American Philatelic Stamp Show & Exhibitions, and it was always a pleasure to see younger ones sit at our tables and go through our topical stamps. And believe me, they knew what they wanted to collect. Most popular topics were dinosaurs, pets, animals, olympic games, trains, airplanes, music, disney and movies, to name just these few.

Whenever you have the opportunity to introduce someone to stamp collecting, be it collecting the traditional way, i.e. by country, or topically, by subjects, you will introduce them to a hobby that is so fascinating and rewarding, they’ll thank you for ever!

Did you, at one point in time, ever considered collecting stamps?

Do leave a comment below as I would love to read about it.

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