Scotland on Stamps: “The Vanguard” by Scottish Painter J.A. MacWhirter Adorns 1898 USA “Cattle In The Storm” Postage Stamp — 2 Comments

  1. I wrote a very detailed response to this entry but for some reason the software ate the whole thing. You might want to think about a new provider that is more reliable.

    • Hi Valerie. It is sad to know that your comment did not go through. 🙁 We would have been delighted to read it!

      Please accept our apologies for this very unpleasant situation. We checked the software and could not replicate the error.

      It did happen to me before on an other website, and since, I took the habit of “copying” my comment before clicking on the button “Submit”! Just in case something goes wrong.

      We do hope to hear from you again. Until next, take care and all the very best.

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