Ernie Wlock Talks About Stamp Collecting and Postal History


In this video created by UpOnThePrairies, you will hear Ernie Wlock, from the Canadian Prairies, share his thoughts about what people can do when they inherit a box of papers or letters containing postage stamps and are not interested in it themselves.

“Stamp Collecting is a wonderful hobby when you are retired. It passes the time and you make a lot of friends”


Soliloquy of a Stamp Collector
by Ernie Wlock

I began my stamp collecting before I was a teen,
The first stamp I acquired, was one of a Queen.

When I became a teen, and had a spare dime,
I collected all stamps that I could find.

Then along came the girls, and for something new,
I shelved my collection for I had other things to do.

Then I get married and the family grows,
And the stamps stay in storage as everyone knows.

Then one day I awoke and found the family all left home,
And my wife was at Bingo, I was left home alone.

So I searched for my albums, which were easy to find,
I got out my tongs, and got back in the grind.

I joined a stamp club, for something to do,
Little did I know, how much they all knew.

Before very long, club elections came along,
I was elected on the executive, as no one wanted to run.

I am now retired and looking for things to do,
Thank God for my “collection” it gives me lots to do.


Every stamp was issued for a reason making it such a great way to study the history of countries all over the world.

Happy stamp collecting!




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