Will Rogers Reveals How To Make Things Happen…

USA 1979 Will Rogers Cowboy Postage Stamp

USA 1979 Will Rogers Actor & Humorist Scott 1801

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

In his great wisdom, Will Rogers gave us a secret key towards the realization of our goals: take action!

USA 1948 Will Rogers Scott 975 Postage Stamps

USA 1948 Will Rogers Commemorative Postage Stamp

Remembering Rogers

On November 4, 1948, the U.S. Post Office commemorated Rogers with a three-cent stamp. He also was honored on the centennial of his birth, in 1979, with the issuance of a U.S. Postal Service 15-cent stamp.

At the time of his death, Will Rogers was the country’s most widely read newspaper columnist, between his daily “Will Rogers Says” and his weekly column. His Sunday night half-hour radio show was the nation’s most-listened-to weekly broadcast. He was the nation’s number-two movie box-office draw in 1933, behind Marie Dressler; and number one in 1934; he was second in 1935, behind Shirley Temple.

Many a place is named after him, including the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the submarine USS Will Rogers. Will Rogers’ home, stables, and polo fields are today the Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades, California. Rogers’ birthplace, on land overlooking his original ranch now covered by the reservoir Lake Oologahis, is open to the public.

”]Will Rogers - Journalist, Author, Humanist & ActorA statue of Will Rogers on a horse stands on the Texas Tech University campus. At Epcot Center in Florida, an Audio-Animatronic Will Rogers is seen twirling his lasso and speaking in the “American Adventure” 1930s sequence. The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun observation tower, built near Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is open every day of the year, weather permitting.Will Rogers had many famous sayings, but was known widely for “I never met a man I didn’t like,” which indicated his love and respect for people all over the world.Source: http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h3701.html

USA Gold Stamp Will Rogers

USA Regular and 22 carat Gold Stamp - Will Rogers Commeorative Cover


Nicaragua 1931 Will Rogers Airmail Stamps on FDC

1931 Will Rogers Flight to Nicaragua after Managua Earthquake

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Africana Commemorative Mint Gold & Silver Stamps Collections: Worth Something?

I received the following question from one of our loyal readers, and thought it would be a good idea to respond to it via the blog so we can all learn together.

 We found a box(wood)with 25 silver stamps of royalty collection.
This is the 1s 3d coronation stamp of 1953. It says the queens
jubilee. The same thing we found in gold (plated).
The paper with it says “The Africana Commemorative Mint”.
We would like to know if it is worth something.
Thank you,
Cora S.

Thanks Cora for your inquiry. :-)

These gold and silver postage stamps replica were produced by the Africana Commemorative Mint in 1977 to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. They are housed in a velvet-lined satinwood-inlaid wooden display case, inclusive of a certificate of authenticity. Cast from STG-grade sterling silver, they are plated in 24 carat gold.

In reference with market value, here are some selling prices I found on the Web:


Africana Mint Gold Stamps Coronation 1977

1977 Queen's Jubilee Gold Stamp Coronation Collection | Source: www.carbonite.co.za

R4 500.00, negotiable.

4,500 South African Rand (ZAR) = 631.689 US Dollar (USD).  Click on the image above to read more information about the item.


Africana Mint Nature Definitive Gold Stamps -1974

Africana Mint Nature Definitive Gold Stamps -1974

In the picture above, we can see an example of a similar set.  It sold on Ebay for  £260.00 (British Pounds) which converts to approximately Us$ 428.00 (click on the image to navigate to Ebay lot)


The Africana Commemorative Mint RSA The Definitive Stamp Replica Set 16 Gold Plated Silver Stamps

The Africana Commemorative Mint - 5th Avenue Auctioneers. SA


And lastly, the auction house 5th Avenue Auctionners had in 2008 some sets in their auction pages. As you can see, the estimated prices for the Africana Commemorative Mint RSA Stamp Replica sets were between 900 and 5000 South African Rands.

Not bad! ;-)

I hope this answers your question and that it will prove helpful to you.

If any of you have additional information that you would like to share with Cora and the readership, do not hesitate to post a comment below.

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France Rugby Silver Stamp Commemorates Rugby World Cup Editions

France Football Argent 2011 Rugby Silver Stamp

France Timbre Argent Rugby | July 11,2011 | Rugby Silver Stamp

Great news for Gold & Silver topical stamp collectors!

To commemorate the 7th Edition of the Rugby World Cup, France issued on July 11, 2011 a beautiful silver stamp made of 0.999 silver and housed in a protective capsule to help resist tarnishing.

Valid for postage, the stamp has a nominal value of 5 euros, which is quite high.

In 2007, France hosted the Rugby World Cup and therefore issued a series of stamps devoted to Rugby in April, June and September 2007. You can view these commemorative stamps and more rugby stamps on the Rugby on Stamps website.

In 2010, the FIFA World Cup was commemorated on a France silver stamp of equal nominal value. (see photo below)


France Timbre Football En Argent 2010 Football Silver Stamp

It’s interesting to know that the first ever silver stamp issued by France was in 2005, depicting the Marianne. Symbol of the French Republic, the Marianne figures on many of the definitive stamps of the country.


France Marianne - Silver Stamp - 2005 - Timbre Argent

It is unlikely to find the above silver stamps on envelopes that travelled through postal services….but I do keep my eyes open for it.


Following the publication of this article, I received through the mail an envelope bearing the silver stamp: absolutely magnificient! Don’t you agree? Many thanks to our loyal reader whose kindness and creativity produced such a beautiful philatelic work of art. Background depicts  a sunset over New Zealand city landmarks. Top left corner shows the Rugby World Cup and underneath, a listing of all participating countries with country flags.

Rugby France 2011 Silver Stamp On Cover

Rugby France 2011 Silver Stamp on Private Cover | Design by Jean-Claude Leducq


If by any chance, you have an envelope postmarked with the above silver stamps, housed in your stamp collection, you are kindly invited to email us a photo (support AT secretstostampcollecting.com). We will gladly publish it here to share the good news with all our readers!


World Cup Rugby 2007 DVD

World Cup Rugby 2007 DVD's

“PARIS, 13 October – Jonny Wilkinson was yet again the hero as England emerged victorious in their world cup semi final versus host France, sending the defending champions to their second consecutive final. While Wilkinson’s goal-kicking was far from perfect, the England fly half came through when it mattered most, providing a drop goal on 78 minutes to seal the victory. Relive this exciting match again and again in this official Rugby World Cup DVD.”

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