Free Holiday Checklist – Candy on Stamps!

For the 2016 holiday season, the American Topical Association [ATA] is pleased to offer a 76-item list of stamps on the topic of candy.

candy stamps checklist

Simply click on this link to download the checklist:

Like many ATA checklists, it includes Beyond the Catalogue (BTC) items like postmarks that are not generally found in standard stamp catalogs.


One of the most valuable ATA services is the Checklist Service, for members starting a new topical collection. Almost 1200 checklists are currently offered. If a desired topic is not found, customized checklists from the Checklist dATAbase introduced in 2014 are available.

The member-to-member service is available at nominal cost. Checklists are emailed to members in Excel or .pdf format or paper copies are mailed.

ATA members purchase checklists only once; free updates are available annually as long as ATA membership is maintained.


Check it out!

Happy stamping 🙂


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