Yuri Gagarin First Manned Flight 50th Ann Featured on Marshall Islands Stamps

On April 12 1961, aboard Vostok-1, Yury Gagarin navigates around the planet Earth in 108 minutes and finalize his great odyssey with one second in advance of the soviet engineers calculation !

Marshall Islands - Yury Gagarin - Space on Stamps

Marshall Islands - April 12, 2011 - Commemorative Sheetlet - Scott C325

“Traveling over 25 times the speed of sound, Cosmonaut Yury Gagarin made a complete orbit around the planet in 1 hour and 49 minutes. After re-entering the atmosphere, Gagarin parachuted to safety some four miles above Earth, bringing to a close the most exciting round-the-world trip of the 20th century.”  Read more…

Russian stamps depicting cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin:

Yuri A Gagarin on Russian stamps

Yuri A Gagarin - Russia - April 6, 1991 - Block of 4 - Scott 5977a

Yuri Gagarin - Russia stamps

Yuri Gagarin on Russian stamps (Source: HobbyShobbys.com)

Space and Astronomy are great subjects for a topical stamp collection.

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Stamp Collecting In The News: Sunflowers Issue Reveals a Canadian Première!


“For the first time since the flower series began, Canada Post decided to take a different approach to securing images of the sunflowers that appear on these stamps. In the past, we had relied on various public farms and gardens, particularly those tended by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), as well as the expertise and generosity of various botanists, horticulturalists and gardening groups.

This time, we once again consulted with experts at the AAFC’s Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, who helped us choose several hardy varieties.They then graciously set aside a plot, and planted and raised the sunflowers you see on these stamps. This is quite possibly the first time in Canada that flowers were grown specifically to appear on a stamp, which makes this Sunflower stamp issue not only brilliant and beautiful, but one that marks a first in Canadian philately.” 

Source: Canada Post

Sunflowers Canadian Stamps

Exquisite Sunflowers - Canada Post Mini-Sheet of 2 stamps

Canada Post Sunflowers First Day Cover

Canada Post - Sunbright and Prado Red Sunflowers - First Day Cover - March 03, 2011

Collecting stamps by subjects is a such fascinating hobby!

To quote George Griffenhagen and Jerome Husak, founders of the American Topical Association (ATA) :

 “A topical collection is not a hodge-podge of empty spaces in an album separated by a few stamps; it is always complete. True, you will be missing stamps pertaining to your topic, but others will never know that a species or two are lacking from your flower bouquet – if, as an example, you decide to collect flowers on stamps.”   from the book Mini-Adventures In Topical Stamp Collecting.

I would be delighted to know what are your preferred stamp collecting topics! Do share with us by leaving a comment below.

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7 Secrets To Topical Stamp Collecting

7 Secrets To Topical Stamp Collecting

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What Secrets Are You About To Discover ?


Secret #1:  Why Stamp Collecting is The Most Fascinating Hobby In The World!


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Secret #3: Why it is important to store, organize, evaluate and care for your stamps!


Secret #4: Why starting a topical stamp collection is so easy and inexpensive!

Secret #5: Why you should open a blog to share your passion with other stamp collectors and by the same token, monetize your blogging activity to generate money to buy more stamps!


Secret #6: Why it is important to build online relationships with social media sites to boost your knowledge of the hobby and get others RAVING about your topical stamp collection!


Secret #7: Why Auction and Free Classified Ad sites are one of the best avenues to sell your duplicates and brand yourself inside the stamp community