Did you know Warren Buffett Enjoyed Stamp Collecting In His Youth?

Well, believe it or not, he did!

Wow…that’s great news. :-)

Paul Fraser Stamps Collectibles

Paul Fraser

I’ve learned about it this morning when reading Paul Fraser’s article “Warren Buffett: how stamp collecting bred one of the world’s richest men – and great altruists” .

Paul Fraser Article On Warren Buffet And Stamp Collecting

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles (click on the image to read full story)

Great reporting which leads us right into Warren Buffet’s own article published yesterday in The New York Times:

Warren Buffet Stop Coddling The Super Rich - Stamp Collecting

Illustration by Kelly Blair



Stop Coddling the Super-Rich“, which triggered a worldwide wave of conversations on Twitter!






I wonder if Warren Buffett still collects stamps…

Maybe I should invite him over so we can chat about it , while sharing a cold glass of  beer, “made in Quebec” ! ;-)

Happy collecting!

Talk soon,



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